How to Pick the Right Broadhead for a Crossbow? – 2 Minutes Read!

How to Pick the Right Broadhead for a Crossbow? – 2 Minutes Read!

You are wondering which one to take among an abundance of broadheads available on the market, that is “how to pick the right broadhead for a crossbow?

All of them are breathtaking that you want to choose as much as possible to try and decide your option. However, this way is costing you a lot. I will help you resolve this situation.


Read the instruction from the manufacturer

The manufacturer is the parent who did produce their “sons” which is your crossbow. Better than anyone else, they have a substantial acknowledgement of understanding their product well.

They are clear about its characteristics, technical information. They have skilled specialists who can give you a recommendation of which broadheads for your crossbow will fly the best out of your crossbow model from their internal testings. You can entirely follow their guidance to select one.

Seeking many sources

One important thing is that you should have to study a lot about your arrow and its ideal broadhead on various sources. You can search on the global internet from the information relating to its necessary details.

There are many videos on YouTube to show the productivity of the broadhead in a test structure or a real crossbow hunting context. You can read below comments, check ratings, find out reviews from possessors. Or you can visit lots of well-liked archery blogs to ask for hunters’ perspective.

It is a good idea if you get acquainted with anyone who has a good understanding of this kind of crossbow broadhead, do not hesitate to go to see them.

Minimizing your potential rationales

We do know that for each of arrow, there would be a lot of prospective broadheads. However, for any reason, you should try to get narrower possible broadheads, approximately two or three of them.

Only two choices should be more encouraged. You can narrow them after researching the damage and penetration performance of the best broadhead.


The number of broadheads will help you focus on blade designs that will damage as much as possible rather than being reluctant. These probably take a range of different types of broadheads constructed to get maximum penetration.

You now need to be ready to order these chosen broadheads and make a comparison between them (to test their ability of aerodynamic performance by shooting them).

Getting a target or going to a real shooting place then practising, you can check how they fly, how they react to and catch the target. Picking the one that nearly matches sizes of the groups and location of your crossbow arrows shot.

Must care about aerodynamics, wound-channel surface area, and perforation

Every hunter concentrates on three mentioned aspects when finding a good broadhead – Aerodynamics, wound-channel surface area, and penetration as well.

Trying to imagine that if your picked broadhead is shooted from your arrow, then flies fine and makes a perfect cutting surface area, but doesn’t perforate animal’s body well. Let’s have a second consideration about your broadhead.

People believe that hunters have to adhere hunting ethics which require them to use the broadhead-crossbow combination helping them to create the surest, quickest, and most effective harvest of an animal.

Hunters should choose a broadhead that has large blades and cut a wide surface area, yet small enough blades to have adequate energy left in the arrow to penetrate through the prey, then takedown it.

Final Words

Following those suggestions will immensely instruct you how to sort through plenty of broadheads out there to get product without spending too much!